« the film is one of the most accessible and informative studies of the role the EU now plays in our lives, often largely ignored or misunderstood . »
Seán Crosson for Film Ireland

"A gutsy movie in the spirit of Ken Loach."

 Steve Martin - Irish Post Film Critic.

Filmed over eight years, A Turning Tide in the Life of Man follows John O’Brien, a small fisherman from the island of Inis Bó Finne, who embarked on a European campaign through the meanders of the Common Fisheries Policy reform in Brussels to try and regain his ancestors’ right to fish the seas around Donegal.

The film retraces the origin of the global problems that face small fishermen today, the complexity of political decisions and the consequences for the lives of small coastal communities. We follow John’s very personal journey with his family and friends and see their efforts to survive throughout the long process of meeting politicians, gathering support from island communities across Europe and working with international NGOs. Gradually, they come to realise that they are only a small piece of a much larger puzzle in which the escalating problem of overfishing and other environmental, economic and social issues come into consideration.